Sunday, August 8, 2010

Being 28....tas tricky

Every bday I grow a year older and I keep saying it : "Ok, this one is truely tricky!". I remember when I turned 25, I had just entered MBA, and in fact my bday fell in the first week of the course. Things hadnt really taken off and it was a huge party organised by the institue itself!! not for my bday, but a get together to break the ice between all of us..wot a beautiful coincidence :) a bday sponsored by the institute, so to say!! I turned 25, and my sis Neha said "boy, u r 25 today!! no longer a boy!".. hahah...i mean, 25 indeed was is slightly a diferent zone from 24 and before :D

26th bday in 2008 went by pretty ok, i was still doing my MBA..but between that and the 27th bday last year, i must say that was emotionally the WORST and the heaviest time for me!! I didnt have a job for 6 months post MBA, I was quarelling with family, friends, and all these came with a lot of other personal and professional problems..Life was hell..Lets say I was GOING THROUGH a huge turmoil...

the year between the 27th and now the 28th bday, which is the last year- 2009..I had just begun a job, was settling in and life had just started moving back on track after such heavy years...I had started meeting with frnds, people, had started saving money and started gaining experience..lets just say I had started RECOVERING out of the previous problems...big, huge, cliche, but TRUE words..

Today, as I reflect, I guess life is much better..lots things have happened in the last 2 years, some fun, some miserable, but as they say-alls well that ends well...Today, I have a nice job in Mumbai, something that I have been longing for years...the house is being renovated, and hopefully, the past is really, well, past :)
Being 28 is really going to be tricky,,its LATE 20s and indeed some deal :) Here is cheers to the future, and prayers for a happier life :)