Monday, September 10, 2012

Thank God- for them, and for you

Here are 4 people, I thank God for...

1) Vidya Balan: The hindi movie industry today has 2 parts to it- the first part is the semi-porn industry that features the serial kisser club. These movies, and the ensuing success represent the sheer sleaze that we crave for as audience. The other part of the industry is the ridiculous movies, the noise, the various re-makes, and absolutely every other piece of nonsense that is churned out as a movie to get the audience in. Somewhere in between the two lies Vidya Balan, the one person club. In an industry where linkups, cat fights and famous boyfriends dominate, Vidya Balan represents a wonderful change, a lovely breath of fresh air. Never one in controversy, common media hype, never one to be spotted in famous parties or camps that dominate her work universe, movie after movie after movie,Vidya reporesents the much forgotten adage- do good and move on to do more good. She remains the single sane element today in this industry

2) Yuvraj Singh: In a team that consists primarily of T20 products, Yuvraj Singh (along possibly with Zaheer Khan and Sehwag) is the last player from the Ganguly era- an era that knew cricket as a sport where winning mattered the most, when passion and aggression meant looking the stronger opponent in the eye and giving a tit for a tat. Yuvraj Singh's return, and hopefully a longer stay, from a sucessful fight against cancer (that personifies him erstwhile), is just the best thing to happen to our team right now. Apart from the sheer talent and gut that he brings along, he represents a nice classic school change to the IPL infatuated generation today- a generation that is increasingly looking at cricket as a money making career rather than as a sport they are passionate for. Everyone remembers the six that Dhoni hit over the long on off the last ball to win us the cup. But fortunately, what everyone also remembers is that Yuvraj Singh had consistently performed throughout the tourney, both with the bat and the ball. The only difference between him and the other legend of the game, Dravid, is that in donning the multiple hat, Dravid kept wickets in 2003, while Yuvraj Singh bowled in 2011. Thank God this new generation legend has survived, and pray to God he will continue to stay on the field for some more time. 

3) Amitabh Bachchan: No one took the screen so much by storm. And I am referring to the small screen, not the big screen where he was, is and will remain king. The whole thing about Amitabh Bachchan is simple- humility, modesty and connect, are the most effective and instant ways to charm the audience. In the TV sphere of today, where someone's misery is sold off as breaking news, undeserving people are rewarded with reality shows, young boys and girls spend more time waiting in a queue for an audition rather in the queue for educational admission, and where lust and sex, not love, are found instantly in TV shows, Amitabh Bachchan with his sincere earnest, happiness, humility, and the best of them all, speech, represents a mirage in the desert. To me, his offscreen person and conduct always matched his onscreen charm and acts. Thank God for this one, he has taught so many things to so many generations. 

4) Ganpati Bappa: Says Bappa "If the above 3 dont solve your problems, I will". The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi has always romanced the spirit of Mumbai. The 10 days of Ganpati are filled with colours, lights, fun, sound, and a general goodness and positivity. It just feels so good to prepare for Bappa, welcome him, to see him off till the next year, and to worship him till then. Thank God for himself!!!!