Saturday, February 5, 2011

Aadmi jaanwar se badtar hota hai (?)

Went to my cousin yesterday for a quick Friday dinner of us cousins. The usual Friday gathering u know, of cousins,,chatting, dinner, tp etc.. On the stairway to his home, there was this female pigeon, who was laying an egg…ON THE STAIRWAY!!!! At 8 PM!!! Where and when people frequently go!!!

I almost missed it and when I saw it, I was obviously taken aback . Seeing me nerved, even the pigeon hesitated a little. You can picture the scene right. Anyway, all went well. I passed it, and had a good party. When returning, we climbed down the same staircase, and there it was. The egg and the pigeon, warming it..or incubating it? Sorry for the grammar here.

But I realized something here. The female pigeon was all alone!! She had to take care of her PIGEONLETS all by herself. Feed them, take care of them keep them safe in a human locality! Basically, her life for the next whatever number of days or weeks or months is going to be all about this! All about her KIDS!! And where is the male Pigeon who, well, had his share of fun in all this? He continues to have fun! He continues to be free of any responsibility in all of this! He just F***s and WALKS OFF!!Or rather, FLIES OFF!! Hahaha….and my experience with cats (the literal ones I mean!!) suggests a similar ordeal for the mother cat. The male guy just humps her and walks off! And the mother cat in all of this has to take care of her kittens, for almost 3 months! Feed them, teach them how to hunt, protect them from the crows, protect them from being stamped on, protect them from anything! Man, these males in the animal kingdom are assoles!!

Havent we seen such idiots in human beings as well? Fathers who just walkoff and leave their wives to single handedly take care of their children? Men are such A-Holes really sometimes. But the only difference between humans and animals in this regard is that this is an exception in humans, more as it is a rule in case of animals.

And thus I turn the popular myth upside down and say- “Aadmi jaanwar se badtar NAHI hota”. Well, HAMESHA!!