Friday, March 4, 2011

Few annoying things we repeatedly repeat!!

1) Tell the rickshaw walaa to Drive faster, even though he is driving at a pretty decent pace

2) Give him or anyone else a Rs. 50 or 100 note every time, even though you have plenty of change.

3) Whenever a colleague opens the office intranet, you stop to sneak into his PC to see what he or she is updating. This, although , you have done everything we need to.

4) In college, when someone is studying something, you open your own notes of that same subject and ensure you have studied it well, which you indeed have.

5) When in office, log into net banking to check your bank account, even though you did it half hour ago, and there are probably no transactions. Just an indication of not having any work.

6) When stuck in traffic, you curse the whole world around, without realizing that this cursing is not going to resolve this traffic situation one bit.

7) When you go out for a simple walk, or to buy something quick, you always carry your mobile with you, in the assumption that the world will crash if you do not attend to any calls in that time. And oh, no one really ever calls in that time anyway.

8) Blame all the realty shows for spoiling culture, affecting kids this that, or in the sheer name of cheap entertainment, and yet, secretly watch Roadies or split villa. And then, when in office a discussion happens with people who too watch these shows, you participate nicely. If on the other hand, a discussion happens with those who hate and detest such shows, you too hate these shows. So convenient it is.

9) When in the process of arranged marriage, you are constantly cribbing about the fact that you are single and nothing is working out. Yet, when a potential proposal says yes to you, the world breaks lose. You freak out at the name of commitment and palpitations occur. Hypocrisy to its core.

10) When you have no work in office, you try to project somehow that you are very busy. And you dont like people reminding you abt that,,,however, when u see someone else without work, you immediately have a comment to make abt the fact that they do not have too much work and are sitting idle while u r working...

11) Procrastination--I had thought about this blog abt 2 weeks ago, but am writing it only now...

12) Spit-- Why do you do that?