Saturday, June 11, 2011

When my pants got wet

It has just started raining in Mumbai and I was on my way to office in Thane. The rickshaw I was travelling in, had the rain cover at the side, but the cover was not pulled down, it was rolled up. Essentially, the rickshaw was as good as one without cover, and that is exactly what happened. SWOOSH!! ran a car past from the left, and there went my pants for a toss. The water splashed all over my pants. DIRTY water :( I then rolled the covers down for the rest of the journey.

Strangely, and I am sure this happens with most of us, I kept looking outside the cover, trying to see how effectively it was protecting me. I was looking to evaluate weather now, other vehicles were running past and the cover managed to protect me. What was even more strange was that I was SAD that now, in fact, NO car really raced past, and therefore the cover, even thought pulled down, was useless because it never got the CHANCE to protect me!! Shitty strange!! I actually said to myself “Damn!! Why are no vehicles racing past now, when the covers are down!! And why did that one vehicle pass me and spoil my pants?”

I realized I was looking for some sort of negativity to justify positivity!! And then I thought of a few more very common examples in life where we hope for some bad things to happen, just so our GOOD DECESIONS are justified. We hardly realize that it is eventually much better that the bad thing didn’t happen despite the decision. Check these out:
1) We buy rainy shoes AFTER the first rains spoil our good leather shoes. Then, it stops raining and we have no use of the rainy shoes. We say “Why the hell does it not rain now? My new rainy shoes are going waste!!” Damn it, we don’t realize we are much better off without those heavy rains because greater damage would have happened!! (your PANTS for example)
2) We sell a stock and the company’s stock value rises after that. We say “Why the hell did the stock have to rise now?? I have already sold it!!” What we don’t realize is that in any given situation, it is only good that company stock prices are rising! Our selfishness blurts away the fact that had the stock fallen instead of risen, things would have gotten bad for the so many employees and shareholders of that company!
3) We give up our Reliance electricity connection in favour of the lower cost TATA connection, and then, reliance slashes its prices. We are like “F***, why the hell did I switch!!” What we fail to note is that TATA will probably lower its price further, and this will lead to what we famously call in macroeconomics “PRICE WAR”. Never good, never good.
4) The moment you get commited in a relationship, and see a better looking person of the opposite sex, you sigh to youself “Did I hurry in getting commited? Arent there better looking birds out there?” Crap, because that means you don’t remember how shittyly messed up you were when you were single!!

It is strange that in most hindi movies too, the CHAAND (moon) is always beautiful despite the DAAG (the black thing). Why the hell do we need the bloody daag to beautify the chaand!!!???
I sure don’t know the reason for this. Do you?