Saturday, November 27, 2010

The side effects of addicition

The other day , I tried calling my mom. Tried the home number, she didn’t answer; tried her mobile and she didn’t answer. Tried the numbers again a couple of times but no response. Do not tell me this situation doesn’t kinda freak you out. Called my sis and she was in office so she didn’t know. Called our cook and she said she had left much earlier in the morning. I couldn’t do too much apart from wondering and waiting. Finally, mom called after a couple of hours, and it is anybody’s guess how that conversation went. She was finding it difficult to justify why she LEFT her mobile at home and went out. Hasn’t that happened to all of us many many times before?

See that’s the thing with mobiles. I mean , its kinda become an offence to forget your mobile if you own one. There is just this fundamental assumption that one WILL attend to calls if they have a mobile phone. But that is where the problem is. Such situations have happened even when mobiles weren’t around. And normally, I would have said to myself, “well, mom is out somewhere and so she is not attending landline call.”

Lets not even talk about the increase in number of accidents due to talking when driving! Yesterday, I saw a woman actually texting when she was driving!! I mean good ol woman, are you going to die if you do not send that SMS? But you certainly will die if you do indeed send that sms when driving!!

Kids these days prefer playing video games to actually physical games! They have started owning cell phones and laptops at such young ages, when we couldn’t even SPELL the word T-E-C-H-N-O-L-O-G-Y. Life’s become unlivable without a laptop or a computer. But these same tasks have been done very very well by our parents and elders with calculators, letters, landline phones, cars and so on! A freaky recent survey has suggested that the use of wi-fi actually harms our trees!!

People are F****ng their meaningful and quality conversations by being hooked on to their smart fones and other things, and friendships are increasingly becoming long distance. These are all side effects of technological ADDICTION.

True, technology brings far away based people closer, but it is also increasing the gap between those who live close to each other.