Friday, July 2, 2010

Why i just LOVE my iPod!

August 2006. 11 am on a sunday. I am standing at the Durdle sea- a beautiful beautiful country side in the UK. Awesome! The blue waves are just so huge, so inviting as if to define what the word wave means. The sky was clear, the beach was BIG, and I was almost alone! My mates had also drifted to different locations in that area. In all this quiet bigness, the wonderful melody of the song "Far away" was playing in my ears. A line from that song- Far away for far too long-, just seemed to submerge into the sea after coming out. To this day, when I hear that song, that beautiful moment comes to my mind. October 2006- a vacation to India, at the airport. I was all excited about returning home after 6 months! The best song in that time really is “Paathshaala” from RDB! Looking at all people from the world at the airport, each one disappearing in a different flight, never to be seen again, but a moment never to be forgotten! What better song than the beautiful “Yaadein” from the movie yaadein? The title song from Swades is most enjoyed when you are out of swades, and London provided me a lot of moments when I heard this song and missed India.

The time after my return from UK, and before I went to Manila for MBA, was both- memorable and confusing. Trips to the banks, passport offices, train journeys etc. Plus, a few fights I had with myself. My train journeys were always accompanied with songs that represented emotions right from anger, self tryst, emotional chords, anxiety, fear, happiness and just about everything. Cliché songs like- TU hi meri shab” and “Ya Ali” from Gangster, all of Metro songs, “tere bina” from Guru, “Main jahaan rahoon” from Namastey London, were just a few of those. Even today when I hear any one of those, that entire time comes running into my mind and takes me down memory lanes.

Going further in 2007 and into the dusk of 2008, MBA at Manila was awesome! There were times when there was stress, and then there were times when there was even more stress! I vividly remember how I used to walk everyday within the AIM complex, and listen to my most favorite song- Tanha Dil by Shaan! Vacations, when we had them were super. The beach at Boracay is amongst the best in the world. I remember the day when I was sitting on the sand, had a pepsi besides me, and the sun was shining really bright! The waves were the cleanest and bluest that I had ever seen. Each island was more beautiful than the previous. And in that serene, quiet, inviting beauty, I remember listening to the beautiful theme tune of Jab we met. As I progressed through the course, I remember listening to songs from movies like Singh is King, Bhool Bhulaiyya, Taare Zaamen par etc!

My work life ever since 2006 till today has been defined by the many many songs that I have heard in these 4 years! Songs from movies like Lagaan, Saathiyaa, Yuva, RDB, Wake Up Sid, and so many more! When the chips are down, listen to the theme track from Forrest Gump, and you will realize why I mention it here.

In all these 4 years, at various places, in various times and events, amongst all those many gazillion songs that have chalked my memory database, there was only one thing common- my iPod. This sweet little device invented by Apple has single handedly helped my memory capture all events, and provided it with a means to recollect those memories- songs! I always used to think I am such a memory oriented person, and how easily I go back to related things when I hear a particular song. Trust me, as I realize today, songs have been the only single source of my recollection of past! And I realized it far too late that I owe my ipod a lot for it! Music is simply songs- words and tunes- if context is not added to it. This context, to me, was provided by my lovely ipod. At every single location that I went, and for every single moment since I bought it 4 years ago, the ipod has given me the priviledge to listen to songs of my choice- songs that fit the situation or songs that I want to listen to, if ever I think of something or someone. I even have a song each for most girls I know in life! Hahaha..

My ipod is my most favourite possession, and for now, companion! A lot of my life has been captured via it, and that is why I really love my ipod!


curry said...

Wow!! me likes, me likes!
Memories + song = Nikhil Karira :)
No one can beat you at nostalgia...

Btw, u said it right - 'You really HAVE a song each for most girls you know in life' Hahaha :P

strengthofawoman said...

i couldnt agree more to it. A song to every occasion..the smaller finer things in life that bring so much happiness