Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why I support Anna Hazaare and this movement.

Let me come straight to what the critics point out about Anna Hazaare’s agitation, and what I call, the PEOPLE’s MOVEMENT:

1) Critics say: This is blackmail of the government and things don’t work like this

I say: Anna Hazaare started out ALONE in this fight by sitting at the RamLeela maidan. It was the people who joined him gradually, and joined him in big numbers. Anna did not go to people’s houses with a gun in his hands to FORCE them to join him!! What does that mean? That means people support him and this is what they want. In order to BLACKMAIL someone, you need to have a bad motive and need to know a secret about someone. Anna is doing neither of the two. No one can simply blackmail someone else just like that.

2)Critics Say: Laws are not formulated like this. They need to be formulated in the legislature, by the people who are ELECTED.

I say: Why did all of this happen at the first place? It happened because the same ELECTED people were corrupt!! Scam after scam after scam!! They have frustrated the common man to no end! How do I trust them then? This movement has given hope to billions of people EXHAUSTED by the burden of the scams, and who see their tax money swindled out! If they want laws to be formulated like this, then the laws BETTER BE FORMULATED LIKE THIS!!

3) Critics Say: People don’t know the Lokpal enough to support it so strongly

I say: Do you know the minimum age limit requirement to be the PM of this country? Do you know the qualifications of the local MLA/MP of your area? Leave that, do you even know his name?? Despite not being aware of these things, you still voted anyway right? This is because you placed some amount of trust in them.. it could be any parameter but you still voted without knowing too much. Why can the Lokpal not be trusted similarly? It has atleast resulted in a movement which the people finally RELATE with! I say, if you want, consider it the LESSER OF TWO EVILS..But fight for what it represents: HOPE

4) Critics say: This will result in a trend and people will want to use such methods in a future

I say: The last time someone fasted like this to get a result was Mahatma Gandhi, 64 years ago! It doesn’t take 64 years for something to become a trend!! And for it to become a trend, remember that PEOPLE SUPPORT is needed for it to result into something big! Anna is succeeding because he is a true man with a vision for great India, a selfless soul who is not fighting for himself alone! This is why he has struck such a massive chord with the people! He is simply being supported that’s all, because he is standing for the truth! Tomorrow, if I stand on the streets and fast, even a dog will not care. Hence, it will not become a trend. And even if it does, SO WHAT? If that is what it takes to make this country great, then that is what will happen!

I say: Support Anna, support the movement, and go ALL OUT on the streets. Let your voice be heard! I know you are frustrated and so am I !!!


bheeshoom said...

Agree! :)

curry said...

Yes, you make absolutely all the sense. Couldn't agree more. Hopefully this protest ends at a positive note. But the question is, will corruption ever end?

Silver Surfer said...

Hey Nikhil, very well written and I hope the government reads it too.
To add to what you have already explained - The govt says that Anna is trying to create an institution with powers that could destroy the basic fundamentals on which our country is build. But I say we are not in a better position now. Even today, the on-paper accountable institutions viz. Parliament and Supreme Court, make decisions which all of us forcibly or willingly follow. No one even questions them in a way making them unaccountable. They loot us, betray us, toy us around but we cannot do anything. So why not give a chance to Jan Lokpal and see if can actually help curb corruption. Worst come Worst, this would be just another corrupt institution. But would that be any worse than it is now????